A Conservative vs a Socialist Brexit

Saturday, 21st October 2017

A Conservative vs a Socialist Brexit

This is the third event in the Debating series with Labour Alternative.

If you are interested in a national debate on the future rather than legacy point-scoring on the past, you may find this this debate, part of a series of debates between Conservatives and Labour in Northern Ireland, of interest.

The event takes place at Harlequin Rugby Club, 45 Deramore Park, Belfast BT9 5JX.  To register please email membership@niconservatives.com 


Chairman: I P Craig, deputy chair (membership) NI Conservatives

Adam Moore (Conservatives) was the election agent for Clare Salier in South Belfast in the 2017 GE election. He is currently writing a book on British foreign and domestic policy and on the future direction of conservatism.

Daniel Waldron (Socialist Party) is a member of the Socialist Party's National Executive and was a leading activist in the movement against the Iraq War in Northern Ireland.