Racist attacks in Belfast 'deplorable'

NI Conservatives’ spokesman, Mark Brotherston, has described a series of racist attacks in east Belfast, as “absolutely deplorable”. 

Good economic news due to us not Stormont say Conservatives

Local parties talk, the Conservatives act.  Economy Spokesman, Johnny Andrews cites NI benefitting from the UK recovery in general and whilst welcoming the latest fall in unemployment in NI, claims it has happened despite the Northern Ireland Executive not because of it.  

Time for talks not protests

NI Conservatives' Spokesman, Mark Brotherston commends the Secretary of State for meeting with the "combined Unionist leadership" and refutes UUP suggestion to condemn it whilst arguing that Politics not protests needs to work. 

DUP and UUP 'pan-loyalist front' un-British

The leaders of the DUP and the UUP are “undermining the pro-Union cause”, by creating a “pan-loyalist front” with organisations with links to paramilitaries, according to NI Conservatives’ spokesman, Mark Brotherston.