Local News

Tory call to save Newtownards Courthouse

The Conservatives’ candidate for Strangford is supporting the campaign to save Newtownards Courthouse.  Johnny Andrews said that “access to justice is important for everyone in Strangford and we must save the courthouse from closure”.

Andrews pours scorn on DUP's Union claims

The Conservatives’ Westmister candidate for Strangford, Johnny Andrews, has poured scorn on the idea that a vote for the DUP can strengthen the Union. Mr Andrews made his comments after Peter Robinson issued a “rallying call”, which Johnny described as “just another DUP attempt to scare voters”.

Manton condemns South Belfast murder

e Conservative candidate for South Belfast, Ben Manton, condemned the murder of former IRA man, Gerard Davison, who was shot dead in the Markets area, this morning.

Howden job losses show parties 'asleep at the wheel'

The Conservatives’ candidate for East Belfast, Neil Wilson, has slammed the area’s politicians for “falling asleep at the wheel of this constituency’s economy”, after it was announced that the Howden UK factory at Queen’s Road will close, costing 100 jobs.

Conservative condemns Crawford Square blast

A bomb which exploded at Crawford Square in Londonderry represents “an attack on the whole community” and was “irresponsible in the extreme”, according to the Conservative Party’s Westminster candidate for Foyle, Hamish Badenoch.

North Down field has strong centre-left bias

The Conservative Party’s Westminster candidate has said that he is “the only remotely centre-right option on the ballot paper in North Down”.  Mark Brotherston described a vote for any of his opponents as “a vote that risks putting Ed Miliband into Number 10 Downing Street and Ed Balls back into Number 11”.

Tory welcomes Wells' resignation & demands clarity from UUP / UKIP

The Conservative Party’s Westminster candidate for South Down, Felicity Buchan, has welcomed Jim Wells’ decision to resign as Stormont health minister, but she also challenged election hopefuls from UKIP and the UUP to spell out openly their views on same sex relationships.   Mr Wells, who is the DUP’s South Down parliamentary candidate, stepped down after making remarks implying that there is a link between homosexuality and child abuse in the home, at a pre-election hustings.

DUP / UUP manifestos are 'fantasy wish lists'

A Conservative candidate has accused two unionist parties of “fantasy politics” in their election manifestos, rather than concentrating on what they can achieve.  Johnny Andrews pointed out that the DUP’s proposal to build a bridge or a tunnel to Scotland is “a nice idea in theory but clearly not affordable”, while the Ulster Unionists’ have proposed cutting VAT for the hospitality industry, across the UK, which “they simply have no ability to deliver”.