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Sinn Féin 'delusional' about UK mandate

Conservative Party spokesman, Alan Dunlop, has described Sinn Féin as ‘deluded’ after Conor Murphy questioned the Conservative government’s mandate to implement reform in Northern Ireland.

Conservatives issue healthcare cash challenge to Stormont

The Conservatives have challenged the Northern Ireland Executive to ‘ring-fence’ funding for the NHS which David Cameron has provided to create a ‘seven day’ health service.  The party’s spokesman, Neil Wilson, said the money should be invested “directly into front-line care for patients and delivering Transforming Your Care”.

Publish Windsor Park report demands Tory spokesman

A Conservative spokesman has expressed bemusement, after a Stormont Committee was told that a report by the Irish Football Association (IFA) into a stand collapsing at Windsor Park stadium might never be made public.   Neil Wilson said it was vital to “have transparency on an issue which is about public safety”.  

Tory angry at Bombardier announcement

The Conservatives’ East Belfast general election candidate, Neil Wilson, has reacted with anger to the news that at least 220 jobs will be lost at aerospace firm, Bombardier.  He described the firm’s announcement as “another blow to the constituency” and asked “what are East Belfast’s political representatives doing to arrest the decline of industry here?”.  

NI Conservatives demand apology for 'hate-filled' Union leader's remark about their voters

The Assistant General Secretary of public sector union NIPSA, ‘Bumper’ Graham, has been accused of “hate filled rhetoric and a completely contemptuous attitude to democracy” after he said that he would put all Conservative voters in Northern Ireland “on a double decker bus and send them over to England”.  Mark Brotherston, the Conservatives’ general election candidate for North Down, described Mr Graham’s comments, made on the BBC’s Nolan Show as “absolutely shameful”.

End 'politics of stagnation' - Andrews

The General Election should signal an end to the “politics of stagnation in Northern Ireland”, according to the Conservatives’ economy spokesman here, Johnny Andrews.

Cullen congratulates Villiers and Wallace on appointments

The chairman of the Conservative Party in Northern Ireland, Harry Cullen, has congratulated Theresa Villiers on her reappointment as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Ben Wallace on his appointment as NIO minister.

NI Tory chair hails historic win

The chairman of the Conservatives in Northern Ireland, Harry Cullen, has hailed “an historic win” for the party in the General Election.

Tory call to save Newtownards Courthouse

The Conservatives’ candidate for Strangford is supporting the campaign to save Newtownards Courthouse.  Johnny Andrews said that “access to justice is important for everyone in Strangford and we must save the courthouse from closure”.

Andrews pours scorn on DUP's Union claims

The Conservatives’ Westmister candidate for Strangford, Johnny Andrews, has poured scorn on the idea that a vote for the DUP can strengthen the Union. Mr Andrews made his comments after Peter Robinson issued a “rallying call”, which Johnny described as “just another DUP attempt to scare voters”.