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DUP backdrop 'symbol of Conservative success on economy'

A Conservative Westminster candidate has described the DUP launching its manifesto in front of a London bus as “welcome acknowledgement that it is Conservatives, including Boris Johnson, who have driven the economic recovery in Northern Ireland”.  Alan Dunlop, who is standing for election in South Antrim, where Wrightbus has a chassis plant for the iconic Routemaster bus, said it was a “highly appropriate piece of imagery.”

Conservatives launch manifesto for Northern Ireland

The Conservatives launched their General Election manifesto for Northern Ireland today.  The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Theresa Villiers, was guest of honour as the document was unveiled at the party’s new headquarters, on Great Victoria Street, Belfast, this morning. 

Stormont shameless in helping itself to taxpayers' money

The political parties at Stormont are “entirely shameless when it comes to helping themselves to taxpayers’ money”, according to the Conservative Party’s South Belfast candidate, Ben Manton.  Mr Manton made his comments after it was revealed that £860,000 would be shared among the parties under the Financial Assistance for Political Parties Scheme for 2015, discussed at the Assembly yesterday.

Stormont parties holding the economy back

Any economic recovery in Northern Ireland is “solely down to Conservative led, UK wide policies and in spite of poor leadership and mismanagement at Stormont”, according to the Conservatives’ South Antrim Westminster candidate, Alan Dunlop. Mr Dunlop, who is a businessman with decades of experience running a shipping business involved in importing and exporting from Northern Ireland, made his comments after the Ulster Bank’s latest Purchasing Managers Index revealed that the economy here continues to lag behind the rest of the UK.

Living standards survey 'damning indictment' of Stormont

The fact that living standards in Northern Ireland are falling, while they are rising in the rest of the UK is a “damning indictment of parties at Stormont who are failing people here”, according to the Conservative Party’s election candidate in East Belfast, Neil Wilson.

DCAL should investigate 'Kop' subsidence - Wilson

The Department of Culture Arts and Leisure (DCAL) at Stormont should “show responsibility and get to the bottom of the collapsing ‘Kop’ Stand at Windsor Park”, according to the Conservative Party’s East Belfast Westminster candidate, Neil Wilson.  The structure has been damaged badly by subsidence which seems to be related to excavation work taking place at the rear of the stand.

Debate shows DUP's lack of influence at Westminster

The side-lining of Northern Ireland only parties during last night’s General Election TV debate, “shows the lack of influence wielded by the DUP and others at Westminster”, according to the Conservatives’ Westminster candidate for Strangford, Johnny Andrews.

Act quickly to cut Corporation Tax - Andrews

A Conservative spokesman has urged the Executive to plan cuts to Corporation Tax “as quickly as possible”.  Johnny Andrews, the party’s Westminster PPC for Strangford, made his comments after a bill to devolve Corporation Tax setting powers was given Royal assent. 

Executive policy powering fuel poverty - Andrews

The Stormont Executive’s policies “are contributing to Northern Ireland’s particular problems with fuel poverty”, according to the Conservatives’ Westminster PPC for Strangford, Johnny Andrews.