Haass submission

NI Conservatives' submission to Richard Haass

Jobs, jobs and more jobs, should be the Executive's priorities.

David Cameron recently made a welcome economic announcement forNorthern Ireland, emphasising many of the themes which NI Conservatives have stressed over the past year or so; building a shared future, boosting the private sector and improving infrastructure.

NI Conservatives flying 'true colours'

A couple of years ago the Belfast Telegraph conducted the True Colours survey, with the aim of establishing whether the average voter in Northern Ireland lies to the right, left or centre of the traditional political spectrum. Not surprisingly it found that, as a rule, our opinions on society and economics are moderate and a little to the right of centre.

New Year, Time for New Thinking

Bill Manwaring writes in today's Belfast Telegraph, arguing that the Stormont Executive must move beyond the politics of carve-up.

Columnist's predictions prove wide of the mark

Alex Kane’s ego must be bruised - for weeks he’s been telling anyone who might listen that Northern Ireland Conservatives would be cut out of decision making about the future of centre right politics here - but still, his latest column is not reasoned analysis; it is an anti Conservative rant.  Aside from the hysterical tone there are a number of points which need to be addressed and corrected.