Conservative urges Stakeknife probe to focus on Army Council as well as security forces

In the wake of a new investigation into the alleged activities of an alleged IRA informer, Conservative spokesman, Frank Shivers, said the probe’s focus should be wide ranging. 

“The Attorney General has asked the PSNI to investigate the activities of Stakeknife, as well as his handlers and others within the security forces. This investigation should thoroughly examine all alleged criminal activity  - and include the culpability of the IRA leadership’s role in sanctioning or directing murder.  It is somewhat ironic that this probe should be launched just after we learn that the IRA’s Army Council is still in existence.” 

“Human intelligence resources saved many civilian and security force lives.  It contributed to the suppression of terrorism and, ultimately, the relative peace we enjoy today.  The overwhelming focus of the vast majority of the security forces was keeping our community safe. Many lost  their lives achieving this.  It is important that we investigate the past in a balanced fashion and don’t lose sight of the fact that both loyalist and republican paramilitary organisations, created to kill and main, are still in existence for no good reason.”