Could Alex be a future PM from Northern Ireland?

A leading member of NI Conservative Future, the Northern Ireland Conservatives’ youth wing, has addressed the House of Commons from the Prime Minister’s despatch box.  Alex Huston, NICF’s chairman for Belfast and County Down and MYP (Member of Youth Paliament) for East Belfast, opposed a motion to introduce a graduate tax, in a special UK Youth Parliament debate, televised live on the BBC.

To roars of approval from his fellow MYPs Alex, who is currently studying for his A Levels at Campbell College, argued that it is wrong to charge students different amounts for the same degree.

Our current system leads to a postcode lottery. The MYP from Glasgow pays nothing for a degree in Scotland, whilst the MYP from Grimsby pays £27000 for the same degree.  The MYP for Aberystwyth pays about £9000 in total wherever they choose to study and the MYP for Armagh pays £9000 if they choose to study in Northern Ireland. We’re all part of the “United” Kingdom, but if you’re English it’s going to cost you.  This isn’t fair and it isn’t equal!

Alex went on to argue that MPs who’d enjoyed the benefits of a free education should retrospectively pay for their degrees.

So that’s £27,000 each for Ed, Dave and Nick.  And you can all afford it!  I urge you to vote no to this campaign. Let’s make MPs pay for their degrees.”

Northern Ireland Conservatives’ chairman, Irwin Armstrong congratulated Alex on his speech.  “It really was a bravura performance from a talented young man”, Irwin said, “he looked completely at home at the prime minister’s despatch box, despite the big occasion.  Alex has got a great future ahead of him and perhaps at some point in the future, we will see him back on the government benches.  Maybe even as a prime minister from Northern Ireland.”

Watch Alex's speech on Youtube: