Councillor to stand for Conservatives in Assembly Elections

Coleraine ex Mayor and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Councillor David Harding announced today that he will be a candidate for the Conservative Party in the forthcoming Assembly 

Councillor Harding said  "For the last year I have been asking local people why they are turned off politics and there is a common complaint that they are fed up with the same old parties behaving in the same old way, it is time we turned our back on tribal behaviour and stop defining people by their religion and background. The Conservative Party are giving a very clear message in Northern Ireland - Create jobs and wealth, stop segregating children in schools and deliver long term plans for a proper health service.  Stormont is currently incapable of working to govern effectively, this can only be achieved by reforming the structure to allow a government and opposition to properly deal with the serious issues we face"

Councillor Harding continued " in the Assembly Elections I will be standing on a platform of effective common sense government, I truly believe that the way to secure the future of Northern Ireland within the Union is to be part of a common UK wide political system delivering economic and social success. There are great opportunities to develop employment within East Londonderry by reducing unnecessary red tape and encouraging our own local employers, the Enterprise Zone if properly managed, could drive a whole new area of high quality job opportunities. In Education I believe it is time to  bring our children up together, I want a common primary school system and  post primary provision that meets the differing needs of children without any form of religious separation. The persistent uncertainty of the future of the Causeway Hospital demonstrates how our area has suffered more than most from the political whims of Health Ministers who have failed to give staff and patients long term certainty of health care provision in our community"

Councillor Harding concluded by saying " It is time to move forward and let go of the politics of the past"

Harry Cullen, Chairman of NI Conservatives said "we are delighted to welcome such an experienced and well respected local politician to the Conservative Party, I have known David Harding for many years and know that he is committed to progressive and inclusive politics, he is an asset to the Party and will be an effective candidate in the Assembly Elections"