David Cameron standing up for UK interests and UK values

Northern Ireland Conservatives’ chairman, Irwin Armstrong, has praised the prime minister for “standing up for UK interests” and using his veto during the European summit negotiations.

“David Cameron showed unflinching courage, standing firm in the face of extraordinary pressure, especially from France and Germany, to do the right thing for this country”, Irwin continued.  “The prime minister resisted concerted efforts to strengthen Europe’s powers and decrease national sovereignty, without any safeguards for British interests.”

“It should also be said that the situation the summit raises for the Republic of Ireland is also a concern for the UK and Northern Ireland in particular.  If the south is forced to raise its Corporation Tax rate there could be serious consequences in terms of foreign investment and the spin off it brings for British companies.  It may also be a weapon in the armoury of the people who are opposed to devolving Corporation Tax to Northern Ireland, a measure which we still desperately need to kick-start our economy.”

“It is important for the UK economy that the euro is saved, but it’s also vital that we don’t allow advocates of ever closer integration to use the financial crisis for their own ends. And we should remember that, had many of those who are now criticising David Cameron for isolating Britain had their way, we would now be hurtling toward the economic precipice with the eurozone countries.”

“The UK quite rightly stayed out of the single currency and we are in a stronger position because of that.  It would be wrong to sacrifice our own interests, as the euro nations wrestle with problems with a single currency which Conservatives pointed out all along.”

“Well done to David Cameron for doing the right thing.  The UK has long been a supporter of the single market and a Europe of strong, independent states with shared interests.  France and Germany have different ideas, but we’re fortunate to have a resolute prime minister who puts British jobs and British values first.”