DUP 'asleep at the wheel'

Conservatives have attacked the DUP for failing to include the York Road flyover and the Sydenham bypass as Flagship projects in the Budget for the next five years.

“For all their talk about prioritising the economy the Executive is neglecting the two biggest bottle necks in Northern Ireland by failing to drive forward with the York Road Flyover and the widening of the Sydenham bypass.” said Johnny Andrews, the Conservative economy spokesperson

“After the signing of the ‘Fresh Start’ many commentators wondered what was in it for Sinn Fein. They had to accept financial reality on welfare reform and in return the DUP have agreed to fund the A5 vanity programme and spend the bulk of the remaining roads budget on the A6.”

“People in the east of NI who regularly get stuck in traffic on the M2, Westlink, M1 and Sydenham bypass will be appalled to learn that their government plans to do nothing about these bottle necks in the next five years.”


“So much for Arlene Foster promising to ‘make Northern Ireland great again’ by boosting the economy these are the wrong priorities for Belfast Harbour, the City Airport, the Greater Belfast economy and the whole of Northern Ireland.”