End 'politics of stagnation' - Andrews

The General Election should signal an end to the “politics of stagnation in Northern Ireland”, according to the Conservatives’ economy spokesman here, Johnny Andrews.

“We have a new government, with a proven record of creating jobs, committed to growing the private sector and that means that there is a great opportunity to rebalance the economy in Northern Ireland”, Johnny explained.  “Unfortunately, the Executive is paralysed in particular by Sinn Féin’s failure to grasp basic economics, a culture of entitlement and hostility to creating wealth.  The latest figures from the Ulster Bank show another decline in economic activity, which means that Northern Ireland’s private sector has effectively stalled since November last year.”

“It’s critical that plans to revitalise the private sector, included in the Stormont House Agreement, are implemented in full, immediately.  Unfortunately, listening to Sinn Féin during the UK election, it seems the party doesn’t want the economy to work in Northern Ireland.  That’s a deeply dangerous position and it is critical that the politics of stagnation is ended, the private sector is grown and we bring prosperity to people here.”