Harding - Referendum creates 'unique challenges' for Northern Irleland

Causeway Coast and Glens Conservative Councillor David Harding commented on the result of the EU Referendum saying "The people of the whole of the United Kingdom have narrowly but decisively voted to come out of the EU. In East Londonderry as in Northern Ireland as a whole, there was a much stronger Leave vote than expected which reflects frustrations felt by voters across  the political landscape. The use of the result by Sinn Feinn to promote a Border referendum is ill-judged and unnecessary. 

The decision to leave presents unique challenges on the island of Ireland and it is essential for our mutual prosperity that politicians both North and South of the border work together to deal with the realities of the new situation and maximise potential opportunities.

After guiding our country through very difficult economic times the Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned and a new Leader and Prime Minister will be elected before the Party Conference in October. This presents a unique opportunity for individual members in Northern Ireland to have direct input into who will lead our country.  Given the likely timetable members joining within the next week will have the opportunity to vote in that election so apply now via the NI Conservative website or by contacting your local Constituency association."