Hightown incinerator refusal ‘crazy’

Conservatives South Antrim spokesman Alan Dunlop has condemned the decision not to grant planning permission a £250million incinerator in the Hightown Quarry.

“Every single of our so called political parties jumped on the opposition bandwagon in any attempt to curry favour with local voters. Not one of those parties thought strategically about Northern Ireland's future.”

“They all took the easy option and they revealed their political immaturity – especially the Minister, Mark Durkan. Of course we need to promote the drive to reduce waste and increase recycling but we must have a range of measures and facilities in place to tackle the issue of waste now and in the long term.”

Mr Dunlop who runs a shipping business in the harbour estate said:

“To continue to pack up this waste and to ship it to Scotland and further afield is environmental and economic madness.”

“Is it any wonder that the people of Northern Ireland increasingly think the Executive and the local parties aren’t up to the task of government when they simply duck the hard decisions?”

“The Conservatives have shown at a Westminster level that they have been prepared to take the tough decisions to revive the economy, to reform welfare and deal properly with immigration and refugees. The contrast with the local parties couldn’t be greater.”

“This is a bad day for the NI economy and environment.”