Lewis blasts Translink's armed forces snub

Tim Lewis, from the Northern Ireland Conservatives' Area Executive, has slammed Translink's decision to prevent staff members from wearing charity wristbands in support of the armed forces.

“We accept that it isn’t appropriate to wear political symbols in the workplace, but Translink is wrong to treat army wristbands in this way.  They are sold to raise money for charitable causes and to express, in an unobtrusive manner, support for the brave men and women from the armed forces who put themselves in harm’s way, on a daily basis, in service of their country.”

“The Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, is currently raising money for the Royal Irish Regiment’s charity, among others, by riding across Mongolia.  Their cause clearly deserves our full support and without being hampered by misplaced political correctness.” 

“In Northern Ireland we are rightly proud of our contribution to the forces and many Translink employees will have relatives and friends who are serving in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  Every business has its dress code, but these bands should not singled-out because of their pro-troops message.”