NI Tory chair hails historic win

The chairman of the Conservatives in Northern Ireland, Harry Cullen, has hailed “an historic win” for the party in the General Election. 

“The people of the United Kingdom have elected a majority Conservative government to finish the job which David Cameron started in the last parliament”, Harry said.  “That’s great news for the entire country, including Northern Ireland.  It means keeping the economy on track and creating more jobs.  We can look forward to five years of decisive government from one of the great Prime Ministers of modern times.”

“We’ve also had some encouraging results in Northern Ireland”, Harry continued.  “We’ve more than doubled our vote from last year’s European election.  We’ve also put ourselves on the map across Northern Ireland and established good platforms to challenge for Assembly seats in a number of constituencies.  Local Conservatives will continue to work hard to offer voters here non-tribal, centre-right politics at all levels of politics.”