Northern Ireland Conservatives - New Leadership

The Conservative & Unionist Party (Northern Ireland) had their AGM on the 28th February and have elected a new leadership Team. The team is made up of Neil Johnston (Chairman), Gary Hynds (Deputy Chairman, Political) and Adam Moore (Deputy Chairman, Membership).


In a joint statement the 3 have said: “This is a fresh new era for the Party in Northern Ireland, all 3 of us are very determined and passionate about the challenges ahead. With the public in despair at the current state of politics in Northern Ireland, we want to get our party into a position where people can trust us to be the alternative they clearly want and need. In the rest of the United Kingdom our party is a large and diverse one that people turn to for solid centre right politics, we want this to be the case in Northern Ireland also. There is a huge gap for this type of politics here and we want to fill that gap, giving people the representation they deserve at all levels.”


“We understand we must prove to the public we deserve their support and trust and we want to try to achieve this in the areas we stand for election this coming May, but also all year round thereafter. The public are sick and tired of the negative politics in Northern Ireland, and the shocking dereliction of duty by all of the parties elected to stormont who have not taken their seats for over 2 years!


“We wish to represent a truly positive alternative, one which will deliver good results on the ground. While others squabble and bicker, we want to be the ones delivering for people on the things that are important in their daily lives. Our party is represented very strongly in England, Scotland & Wales and we want Northern Ireland to benefit from the strong and consistent performance that elected Conservatives would bring to our part of the United Kingdom.”

“We feel like this is the beginning of a journey, we want to reach out to the people of Northern Ireland, we want them to take part in this journey with us. This is going to be a very serious and sustained effort at offering the alternative needed for our country. Together, we want to make a difference and are very determined to achieve this."