Shivers asks voters to use their votes wisely  

Frank Shivers, Conservative Candidate in North Down, is asking voters to use their first preference vote to ensure real change at Stormont on March 2nd.  “The complicated electoral system for the Assembly Election means that many voters don't appreciate the significance that ranking candidates makes in deciding the outcome of the election,” Frank said. 

The comment comes following the controversy caused by the leader of the UUP, Mike Nesbitt, who said that he will give his 2nd preference to the SDLP, rather than other unionist parties.  

Buoyed by Conservative electoral success in Scotland, Wales and England, Frank Shivers is clear that achieving change in Stormont can only happen through a competent UK-wide, national party with a successful record of running the economy and public services.  “The most effective way to vote for the Conservatives is by allocating the Conservative candidate the first preference vote.  Giving the Conservatives a lower ranking vote on the ballot paper won’t help achieve change.”

“The voting system in Assembly Elections is based on the single transferable vote, unlike the voting system in Westminster parliamentary elections. If a first preference candidate is not elected, the vote will be transferred to the 2nd preference and will not reduce the chances of success of the 2nd preference.  If the 1st preference vote is given to a candidate who wins outright, the 2nd preference and subsequent preferences are discarded.”    

Confident that voters want long overdue change at Stormont, Frank has received canvassing support from the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, who in recent days has been campaigning in North Down, Belfast East and East Londonderry with large teams of Conservative activists.