Summer Engagement

Gary Hynds, Deputy Chairman (Political) for the Northern Ireland Conservatives has launched a ‘Summer Engagement’ scheme in the aftermath of the local elections. As Gary stated, he ‘came incredibly close to making a breakthrough for the party in Lisburn North, where only another 50-100 first preference votes could have been the difference! This offers hope that we can make a breakthrough here very soon’.

The purpose of the scheme is to reach out to members and interested non-members to ‘listen to their ideas for the future of the party, how they feel they can participate more and to communicate why I believe we can achieve success in Northern Ireland’. It is Gary’s intention to build a team of people with the passion, enthusiasm and determination to change politics for the better. As the recent elections highlighted, the electorate want a modern, progressive, positive and compassionate Pro-Union party - this can be the Northern Ireland Conservatives.

The response from members so far has been incredibly encouraging – but Gary also wishes to reach out to non-members who are interested in discussing the future of the party and politics in Northern Ireland. It will take ‘a lot of hard work to match the ambition I have for the party here, but I am very determined to get us into a better position and give the electorate a proper alternative to vote for. If you are interested in being part of that success, please contact me at

Together, let's make a difference for Northern Ireland