There is only one Party of the Union


We are but a dot on the map, yet we demand the world revolves around us. It is difficult to perceive beyond the theatre of sectarian politics, to observe our place in the global arena. We demand the British Prime Minister to attend at our every summons, the Irish Government to prioritise Stormont over the Dáil Éireann and the United States of America to chair our 'negotiations'. Annually.

Yet, as the troubles fade into distant memory for the global community - we are losing our importance. With a population accounting for only 3% of the United Kingdom, our economic output represents merely 2% of the UK total - which itself produces only 4% of Global GDP. With colossal political earthquakes from Brexit to the standoff in the Korean peninsula - is it so surprising that Northern Ireland is no longer the priority?

If you're in the Northern Irish bubble - Yes. As the politics of fear threatens the global arena, it is no stranger to our society. It turns your attention inwards - with the threat of the 'other' overshadowing every other priority. It even supersedes the political earthquakes occurring on our back doorstep. Whether an Irish Republican or British Loyalist - there is nothing more important than outmanoeuvring your neighbour.

And it's killing Unionism. Since 1905 with the formation of the Ulster Unionist Council it has become increasingly insular, lashing out at everything in its path - including London. The Legacy Parties have cut themselves off from Great Britain, whether through opposing British Rights, such as equal marriage and language protection, or through a divergence on policy, from free speech to licensing laws. It is no longer loyal to the Union of 2017, but has chained itself to a Britain of the 19th Century.

Although the legacy parties may struggle to comprehend  it - Northern Ireland is not utterly unique in the modern context. The threat from the far left and the nationalist movement are being experienced across our Union, through the Labour Party in England and the SNP in Scotland.  As Great Britain has come together in opposition of these ideas - under the banner of the Conservative & Unionist Party - the legacy parties continue to proclaim that we would be 'weaker together'.

They have become the Northern Irish Nationalists.

There is now only one party who is offering the opportunity to establish Northern Ireland at the heart of the Government. To both protect our prosperity and defend the whole Union. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For at its heart - the Union  is based on the belief that we are Stronger Together - whether facing the SNP or Sinn Fein.

So, on June 8th you can continue to place your trust in the parties which have led us down this path of division, or you can support the candidates of Theresa May. The Candidates of the Union.


Andrew Wooster is a political blogger.