Lewis blasts Translink's armed forces snub

Tim Lewis, from the Northern Ireland Conservatives' Area Executive, has criticised Translink's decision to prevent staff members from wearing charity wristbands in support of the armed forces.

Cameron keeps his promise on PMS.

Northern Ireland Conservatives chairman, Irwin Armstrong, has hailed the resolution of the PMS issue and Conservatives’ achievement in solving it.

Conservatives stand up for Northern Ireland

I’m encouraged that Alex Kane is taking such a keen interest in the future of the Northern Ireland Conservatives and our electoral prospects.  To be clear, the fact that I did not confirm or deny any if his conjecture in July 16th’s News Letter does not mean that I endorse it.  Like any political party we continually discuss various strategies and ideas and will continue to do so.  However, just as I took issue with some of the conclusions in that article, I must also contest the analysis in his latest column. Letter published in 2 August News Letter.

Warning on plastic bag tax plans

Northern Ireland Conservatives chairman, Irwin Armstrong, has questioned the wisdom of the proposed plastic bags levy, which DOE minister Alex Attwood recently put out to consultation.