Owen Paterson Condemns Murder of PSNI Officer

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Owen Paterson has condemned yesterday’s murder of Constable Ronan Kerr as “ evil act carried out by enemies of the whole community”. Mr Paterson said: “First and foremost my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of the young PSNI officer who was murdered today.

Conservatives here to stay

The Conservative leadership made a firm commitment to Northern Ireland at a dinner in Bangor and have pledged that they are here to stay.

Congratulations to David Cameron

Responding to David Cameron becoming Prime Minister, Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party Sir Reg Empey has given his support to the new government.

Why should you vote for Conservatives?

We have had no real say in who would be Prime Minister of our country, no meaningful role in the Mother of Parliaments, and no chance of being involved in the government of the United Kingdom.

Search for Disappearing Unionist Party begins

Irwin Armstrong, Conservatives and Unionists candidate for North Antrim, has said that the DUP's "invisible men" needn't think they're scoring points for candidate profiles in this election.

Open letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown

I am writing to see if the views expressed by Shaun Woodward, as our Secretary of State, in the Guardian on 2 May accurately reflect government policy.

Hague launches Northern Ireland Manifesto

William Hague has reconfirmed the Conservatives strong commitment to Northern Ireland, saying David Cameron will never be neutral on the Union.