Alan Dunlop Chair Northern Ireland Party Board

Alan Dunlop was born and brought up in Belfast and has lived across Northern Ireland during his professional life.  Working in the shipping industry, Alan is still at the same company that he started working for as a teenage apprentice in 1967. Alan has a lifelong interest in politics and has been actively involved in the Conservative Party in the last 10 years.  He has served as a Deputy Chair (Membership) since 2014 and was elected Chair in May 2016. 

"As a Conservative, I wish to offer the people of Northern Ireland an alternative to the lack of progress delivered by the legacy parties in Stormont.  NI Conservatives will focus on what matters in peoples everyday life: creating jobs, boosting the economy, improving public services, raising living standards.  I want to put the measures in place that will give the people the opportunity to fulfil their potential here in Northern Ireland – not anywhere else.”