Gary Hynds

Deputy Chairman & Party Spokesperson
Parliamentary Candidate for Lagan Valley

Lagan Valley has always been my home – from my school days to the working world – and I have formed a strong bond with the community that we have built together. After attending Fort Hill Primary School, I went on to study at Lisnagarvey High School, which set me up for my current occupation of 9 years at a very successful local manufacturing company in Lisburn. In my spare time I enjoy playing darts in the Lisnagarvey darts league (or trying anyway!), socialising with friends and exploring new places as often as possible. However, my biggest passion by far is my local community – and doing all I can to change it for the better. I was proud to stand as a local council candidate for Lisburn North in May of this year and although I was not elected, I received incredible support from the people of my local area. I am genuinely deeply grateful for that support and hope that I can prove to be deserving of your vote in this upcoming election as I aim to give back to our home and the people who make it so exceptional.

I decided to run in this election as I believe that things need to change within the politics of Lagan Valley and Northern Ireland – and based on my conversations during the Council Election this feeling is widely shared. I believe we need to prioritise the issues that impact the most on you and your family, such as Health and Education, which have for too long been overshadowed in our politics. This has resulted in a deadlocked Education system over our transfer test and a Health service in crisis – with a lack of support from our front lines to our mental health support. We simply cannot continue ignoring the issues that impact on the here and now – or the future of our children and their health. I cannot change our politics alone, so I ask for your support on the 12th December so that together, we can make a difference.


Assembly Pontificates While People Die

The Conservative Party in Northern Ireland has launched a scathing attack on Assembly Members who gathered at Stormont to discuss equal marriage and abortion claiming people are dying on waiting lists due to the failure of the parties to take office in an Executive.

1000 Days of Shame

Where else would we see it? Political leaders and politicians, who show their faces on our screens continually, with no apparent shame, are not doing the job they have been elected to do for 1000 days.

Summer Engagement

Gary Hynds, Deputy Chairman (Political) for the Northern Ireland Conservatives has launched a ‘Summer Engagement’ scheme in the aftermath of the local elections.

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