Mission and Values


To offer the electorate a centre-right alternative to the sectarian politics which has failed to deliver for the hard working people of Northern Ireland.  Locally devolved but fully participating within the national Conservative Party, we promote a small, pro-business Government which pursues British social policy.


  • The promotion of policies which would enable a prosperous and vibrant economy to develop, rewarding our young people who pursue enterprise, skills and educational achievement
  • The reform of the Public Sector into a more efficient service, enabling it to offer the quality of care and education that our society deserves
  • The pursuit of a truly shared future, which would enable our society to overcome the religious and political divisions which have plagued our history for too long
  • To normalise Northern Irish democracy with the Great British system, enabling the electorate to participate as equal citizens of the United Kingdom
  • To build a strong economic and social partnership with the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom