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Conference, my name is Sheila Bodel, I'm a member of East Belfast Conservative Association in Northern Ireland, where I stood on behalf of our Party recently in both General and Assembly Elections.   

Traditionally Northern Ireland has had an industrial economy. Along with industrial cities and their surrounding areas of place such as Glasgow, Liverpool and this great city of Manchester, Belfast was once part of the economic power house of the British Empire.  

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Living Wage helps 300,000 out of low pay

The number of workers on low pay in the UK has fallen by more than 300,000 following the Conservatives’ introduction of the national living wage, a think tank says.

David Gauke Conference Speech

“In 2010, our economy faced a crisis. 
We were borrowing more than at any time in our peace time history.
Unemployment had risen by nearly 850,000 in the previous two years, we had just under 4 million workless households. 

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Thursday, 2nd November 2017
The next East Belfast Thirsty Thursday is coming up. Conservatives from across N...