Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on Brexit

Extracts from Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP’s keynote speech to the 2016 British Irish Association Conference opening event at Oxford University September 9, 2016

"UK Exit from the EU

Creating a dynamic economy - promoting enterprise, reforming welfare -

This evening, I want to talk about economic and welfare reform – two sides of the same coin. I want to reiterate the absolute necessity of deficit reduction as an essential precondition for economic recovery.  I want to explain why rebalancing the economy is such an overwhelming priority, particularly here in Northern Ireland.
I want to re-state this Government’s commitment to business and private enterprise... And why it is essential that we reform our broken welfare system. 

Hague launches Northern Ireland Manifesto

William Hague has reconfirmed the Conservatives strong commitment to Northern Ireland, saying David Cameron will never be neutral on the Union.