College crèche decision 'stifles aspiration'

The Conservatives’ spokesman for East Belfast, Neil Wilson, has asked why Belfast Met further education college is closing a crèche at its Castlereagh campus. 

“This is an important facility for people with children, particularly single parents, who are determined to get the education and skills they need to help them find a better job, contribute positively to our economy and get on in life”, Neil observed.  “It seems that the closure of the crèche is another example of a public body in Northern Ireland slashing the services people rely upon, before tackling waste and bureaucracy.”

“Education and skills are vital for employment prospects.  We ought to be encouraging young people along this route rather than making it difficult, because it is far better for our society and economy to help people into good jobs, rather than condemn them to a life on benefits.  Belfast Met needs to consider the message it is sending out with this decision and the dysfunctional Executive needs to look at the example it sets, in terms of its budget and its continual attacks on aspiration.”