Assembly Pontificates While People Die

The Conservative Party in Northern Ireland has launched a scathing attack on Assembly Members who gathered at Stormont to discuss equal marriage and abortion claiming people are dying on waiting lists due to the failure of the parties to take office in an Executive.

1000 Days of Shame

Where else would we see it? Political leaders and politicians, who show their faces on our screens continually, with no apparent shame, are not doing the job they have been elected to do for 1000 days.

East Belfast: A voice on the sidelines?

The vote in East Belfast is being painted as a two horse race between Alliance and the Democratic Unionist Party. With many analysts portraying it as an opportunity to choose between two vastly different paths for the electorate, you would be forgiven for thinking this was a decisive vote.

Respect works both ways

Respect works both ways

Frank Shivers, the Conservative Candidate for North Down, has today condemned the new Sinn Fein election slogan: 'No Tories, No Border, No Brexit'.

Stormont a sad spectacle

The Conservatives have condemned the row over the Renewable Heat Incentive as a ‘sad spectacle’ and called for a judicial review and audit.