Respect works both ways

Respect works both ways

Frank Shivers, the Conservative Candidate for North Down, has today condemned the new Sinn Fein election slogan: 'No Tories, No Border, No Brexit'.

"It was only a few months ago that Sinn Fein was lecturing the Unionist community regarding respect, but it seems they have forgotten to look in the mirror. They have shown no respect for either Conservative or Brexit voters across the United Kingdom - whether in Northern Ireland or Great Britain."

The slogan has now been used in An Phoblacht and on posters being put up across Northern Ireland. With the continued commitment from Theresa May to oppose a hard border in Ireland, it is unclear who Sinn Fein believes is pushing this agenda - apart from themselves.

Frank Shivers continues 'Sinn Fein claim to stand strong on Brexit, but won't even form a Government to represent the electorate of Northern Ireland in the negotiations. Instead they lecture to an empty European Parliament with crude language about our Prime Minister."

With the election quickly approaching, he concluded that 'In this upcoming election the public have a clear choice: vote for the legacy parties who have proven unable to form a coalition or a strong and stable Government under the leadership of Theresa May.'