Tory on DUP launch 'A daydream not a manifesto'

The Conservatives have criticised the DUP manifesto on the grounds that it contains no details on how their pledges would be funded. 

“They call for a cut in Corporation Tax to 12.5% by 2018 but give no detail as to how this would be funded. Surely the public have the right to know – are they planning cuts to education and health? 

Neil Wilson, Conservative spokesman went on to say the Conservatives plans would be costed. 

“We are clear that we would fund the cut by implementing welfare reform. How can it be that the DUP who are in power and have all the resources of government at their disposal cant tell us how they would fund their central economic policy?” 

Mr Wilson claimed that the Conservatives wanted to cut Corporation Tax to 10% and would ‘shadow’ any further reductions from 17% that occur at Westminster. 

“Lets be clear it is the Conservative Party that has a track record of delivering Corporation Tax cuts year after year and have  a costed plan for cutting it in Northern Ireland. The DUP’s manifesto is no more than a daydream if they aren’t prepared to tell us how it would be delivered”