Conservative condemns Crawford Square blast

A bomb which exploded at Crawford Square in Londonderry represents “an attack on the whole community” and was “irresponsible in the extreme”, according to the Conservative Party’s Westminster candidate for Foyle, Hamish Badenoch.

“It’s hard to fathom what the people who planted this device hoped to achieve”, Hamish remarked.  “The target appears to have been a probation office, but the effects could have been completely indiscriminate and the bombing was a grossly irresponsible act.  This is the last thing which people in Londonderry need.  It is an attack on the whole community, potentially damaging investment and preventing jobs from coming to the city”.

“This incident will simply make people in Derry more determined not to be dragged back, by tiny groups who cannot let go of their violent pasts.  The focus here should remain firmly on the economy; creating new jobs, getting young people the skills which they need for the future and competing for investment.  The bombers have nothing to offer the community and I’d urge anyone who has any information about this attack to contact the PSNI immediately.”