Conservatives announce Candidates for Assembly Election 2017

The Conservative Party is the governing party of the United Kingdom and is positively contesting the election for Stormont on 2nd March 2017.  The Conservative Party is the only UK national party who has successfully and competently managed the UK government, economy and public services over the past seven years.  After many years of unreliable and ineffective leadership here in the Assembly in Northern Ireland, it is time to change.  

The Conservative Party has had a phenomenal electoral success in Scotland, Wales and England over the past couple of years.  We are looking to make a similar breakthrough in Northern Ireland on 2nd March and your vote will make the difference.  We are standing 13 candidates across Northern Ireland.

Frank Shivers – North Down

Sheila Bodel – Belfast East

David Harding – East Londonderry

Scott Benton – Strangford

Matt Robinson – Lagan Valley

George Jabbour – Belfast South

Alan Dunlop – East Antrim

Mark Logan – South Antrim

Ian Nichols – Upper Bann

Stuart Canning – Foyle

Gary Hynds – South Down

Richard Dunn – Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Roger Lomas – West Tyrone

If you vote for a Conservative, you are voting for a candidate and party that is building a country for everyone. 


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