Good news for 878,000 people in NI

Local Conservatives have welcomed Boris Johnson’s announcement that if re-elected a Conservative government will cut National Insurance.

“This is great news for the every one of the 878,000 people who are currently in employment in Northern Ireland and of course it cuts the cost of taking on new workers too.”

Said Matthew Robinson, Conservative spokesperson and North Down candidate.

“The question the people of Northern Ireland will be asking is – what would the minor parties from NI, the DUP, SDLP, Alliance and the UUP do if elected to Westminster? Will they oppose this tax cut?”

“Thankfully we know that SF won’t vote against it because they won’t turn up for work at Westminster – but it would be interesting to know their position too.”

“We have lived through tough economic times in recent years so it is great to know that this move will put £100 into the pockets of local workers next year  - with the prospect of further cuts to come.”