Local parties ‘detrimental to the recovery’

“Recent economic figures – on growth and employment in Northern
Ireland - show that the economic recovery in the Northern Ireland is
increasingly being ‘killed by Stormont’ according to Conservative
spokesman Frank Shivers.
“The firm and decisive leadership of George Osborne has laid the
foundations for economic recovery in the UK but Northern Ireland is
falling further and further behind. Why? The blame must lie firmly
with the local political parties.”

The Bangor businessman rounded on the SDLP and SF and their failure to
stick to the Stormont House Agreement.
“The failure of Sinn Fein and the SDLP to agree a budget deal and
stick to it has caused months of uncertainty. This has undermined the
confidence of both local businessmen and foreign investors.”

Mr Shivers also attacked the DUP and UUP.
“The UUP and DUP have now made matters worse by their resignation ‘stunts’.”
“They are behaving with complete indifference to those in Northern
Ireland who want to build a stable society and stronger economy.
Ironically they have also, through their actions actually become
‘enemies of the Union’.

Mr Shivers speculated that the Government will be left with little
choice but to legislate to bring in welfare reform.
“The local parties are putting internal policies and electoral advantage ahead of a deall. For months
and months we have seen vulnerable people suffer  - most notably in
the health service because of the incompetence of the Executive and
their inability to set a proper budget.
According to Mr Shivers the failure to implement welfare reform is
hurting welfare recipients – most of who would be better off or no
worse off following the reforms. And in turn it means that vital
public services have been deprived of millions of pounds that could
have been used , for example, to try to get waiting lists under
“Of course such a step may upset Sinn Fein but the UK government has a
responsibility to protect the citizens of Northern Ireland from the
chaos the impending financial crisis facing the NI Executive would