Northern Ireland Conservatives Welcome New Brexit Deal

The Northern Ireland Conservatives have today welcomed the new Brexit deal achieved by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Party Spokesperson, Gary Hynds said “So many people said Boris wouldn't get a new deal, he didn't want one, the EU wouldn't reopen the withdrawal agreement and the backstop was there to stay. How wrong they were. The Prime Minister confounded all his critics and delivered a deal which delivers for all of the United Kingdom"

On Northern Ireland Gary stated, “this is a good deal for our economy, bins the backstop, ensures Northern Ireland is in the UK customs territory forever and secures democratic consent on the way forward for this part of our United Kingdom.” He added, “I was glad to chat to Jacob Rees-Mogg tonight regarding the deal and how it will work for Northern Ireland, it was very reassuring. At this stage I urge people to look at the detail in the agreement and I think they will conclude it is a good compromise from both the UK and EU and delivers on the 2016 referendum result”