Sinn Féin 'delusional' about UK mandate

Conservative Party spokesman, Alan Dunlop, has described Sinn Féin as ‘deluded’ after Conor Murphy questioned the Conservative government’s mandate to implement reform in Northern Ireland.

“Mr Murphy obviously hasn’t got the memo.  There is a Conservative majority in the House of Commons, comprising 331 MPs, backed by over 11 million voters”, Alan observed.  “The government’s mandate is resounding.  Meanwhile his party refuses to take up its seats and its MPs spend their time stamping their feet and issuing threats, rather than debating important issues in parliament.”

“Sinn Féin’s resistance to reforming welfare to benefit hard-working people has been thoroughly disgraceful.  The party is far more interested in posturing for the gratification of the southern Irish electorate, rather than doing what’s right for Northern Ireland.  Fortunately, we have a Conservative Prime Minister who is absolutely determined to deliver for people here, by rebalancing the economy, requiring Stormont to put its finances in order and encouraging a the Executive to implement a purpose welfare system.  Let’s not forget that 100,000 of the most vulnerable people in Northern Ireland would be £38 a week better off if Sinn Fein could simply get their act together”