Tories pick Andrews as Westminster candidate for Strangford

Strangford Conservatives have selected local businessman and chartered accountant, Johnny Andrews, to contest the Westminster parliamentary election for the Conservative and Unionist Party (Northern Ireland).

“I fought a strong council campaign in the Comber DEA in May and it was the first time we’d stood in that area, which was very encouraging”, Johnny explained. 

“We want to build on that campaign and we’re ready to take on UKIP and the local parties on issues around the economy and Europe”, he continued.  “Only Conservatives can deliver a referendum on Europe after reforming our relationship with the EU.  Our long-term economic plan has also sorted out the mess left behind by the Labour government and that has benefited the people of Northern Ireland directly, with 36,000 more people in work than in 2010.  Back then we had the highest deficit in Europe and we can’t risk allowing Eds Miliband and Balls to wreck all the progress that we’ve made.”

“Voters in Strangford have a great opportunity to signal that they prefer Conservatives in government, to manage the economy, continue welfare reform and promote private sector jobs, by supporting my campaign.  The UK now has the highest growth rate in Europe.  Unfortunately Northern Ireland is lagging behind, because of a dysfunctional and paralysed Executive.  Our politics desperately needs change and, as the Conservative Party candidate, I offer voters representation by a centre-right party, which will instil common-sense politics and a focus on creating jobs, by growing the private sector.”